CCB strives to promote equality in all work that is performed within the framework of CCB. The work performed within CCB shall promote equality and democracy as well as promoting environmental and socially sustainable development.


The goal is that everyone performing activities within the framework of CCB shall have the same possibilities, rights and obligations. This extends to the even distribution of power and influence, equal conditions where entrepreneurship, jobs and working conditions are concerned, as well as the same opportunities to develop in the working situation. Further, it implies equal access to education and to opportunities to develop personal ambitions.


  • The CCB Gender Strategy was adopted by the CCB Board in March 2003. The Gender Strategy was revised in March 2006 and includes now also the issue of Equality. The discussion on Gender and Equity issues will be regularly revised within CCB.
  • When selecting projects to receive CCB/SIDA funding, the way gender and equity issues both within the project and within the applying organization will be taken into consideration.
  • Regular presentations and discussions on the gender and equity activities performed by the CCB Member organisations will be made within the CCB Board. Experiences and updates will be forwarded to the CCB network.
  • During Board Meeting at Szczecin at March 2017 the CCB Board сonsidered the proposal of the secretariat to follow up the CCB Gender questionnaire from 2006 and to decided about the future steps in promotion Gender and Equity issues.
  • Presentation of the result of the follow up analysis of the responses could be found here.

For more information on the CCB Gender and Equality Strategy:
CCB Gender and Equity Strategy
CCB Gender questionnare (2006)

Links to resources, organisations and governments working with gender issues.